Arms and weaponry manufacturers’ requirements

Kindly read the following requirements carefully that must be fulfilled before/during the S’hail exhibition:

1. Prepare a full detailed list of the weaponry and ammunition that include their specifications and quantity with a separate list for each category – air rifles, binoculars and firearms. The lists shall be printed on a headed letter from the company and the ocial seal with an attached letter sent by the person in charge addressed to the organizing committee of the exhibition.

2. Participant exhibitors shall be responsible about shipping their products from their countries to Qatar and  hipping the remaining products after the exhibition is over within the time frame given by the customs authority. (Katara is not responsible for any shipping or re-shipping process).


3. Any sales or delivery of purchased items are banned after the end of the exhibition, as well as additional shipments after the exhibition begins are banned too.


4. Full payment of customs duties on sales according to customs tariff.

5. Participating companies shall bear with fines resulting of any delay of re-shipment.

6. Customs clearance and logistic procedures are to be carried out by the participating companies through “Milaha” company, which is a specialized shipping and clearance of arms and providing the necessary documents to the latter company.

7. Provide all deposits and guarantees to the customs authority required for the postpaid temporary import entry,
(Cheques, letters..etc).

8. To comply with all the security measures applicable in all exhibitions regarding the gun trigger lock.