Exhibition Program

Best Booth in the exhibition

To encourage the participants on the Katara International Exhibition of Hunting and Falconry (S’hail 2018, the organizing comity announce the award of the best booth  participating in the exhibition

Prize : Thirty thousand Qatari riyals


In the framework of supporting and encouraging craftsmen specialized in manufacturing fishing and falcons articles, the Organizing Committee of Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition announces the launching  of the best Burqa (falcon head-cover) prize, as the Burqa represents an inherent historical symbol in crafting falcons tools and materials. One the most famous Burqa is “Al Balm” which was made by a native of Qatar.

– Terms & Conditions

1 – Submitting the crafted (Hoods) one day before the date of the exhibition.
2- The (Hoods) will be displayed on public on the first day of the exhibition, and the announcement of the three winners will be the final day of the exhibition.
3- The (Hood) shall be made from natural leather and there is no objection to add appropriate decorations from any other material.
4 – The contestant can submit up to three (Hoods).
5 – The wining (Hoods) will be the property of the Committee.
7- Awards value:

– 1st  place:   3000 dollars
– 2nd place:   2000 dollars
– 3rd place:    1000 dollars